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Skin Essence Corrector

Skin Essence Corrector

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Lamelle Skin Essence Corrector is a topical probiotic essence which helps to keep the skin microbiome balanced and strong, an essential part of optimal skin health. The skin has healthy bacteria and micro-organisms which keep it functioning optimally but when these are not functioning correctly, they affect the skin barrier and various skin pathologies such as sensitivity, redness, irritation. Suitable for all skin types but the Corrector is mainly formulated for those with more mature-aged skins and it is especially beneficial for those with sensitive or reactive skin.
Key ingredients include Probiotic Lysates that contain nourishing and balancing ingredients: amino acids, beta-glucans, free fatty acids, minerals and nutrients extracted from probiotic cultures that target the skin microbiome which helps to promote a healthy skin barrier and build resilience in the skin.

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