Permanent Hair Removal

Welcome to Fabu-Health Aesthetics, your premier destination for skincare excellence in Pretoria. With over four years of unwavering commitment to our clients, we specialize in laser hair removal using cutting-edge IPL and SHR technologies. Our expertise extends to catering to diverse skin types, including ethnic skin clients across South Africa.

As pioneers in the field, we continuously enhance our skills to match the evolving landscape of laser treatments. At Fabu-Health Aesthetics, your well-being takes precedence, and we are dedicated to offering tailored advice and selecting the optimal treatment to meet your unique skincare needs. Join us on a journey to radiant and hair-free skin, where safety, experience, and innovation converge.

Why IPL and SHR?

1. Versatility: IPL and SHR technologies cater to a wide range of skin types and tones, including ethnic skin, ensuring inclusivity in our approach.

2. Comfort: Experience a gentler hair removal process with SHR, known for its virtually painless treatment compared to traditional laser methods.

3. Precision: Both IPL and SHR offer precise targeting of hair follicles, resulting in effective and long-lasting results.

4. Speed: SHR, in particular, boasts faster treatment times, allowing you to achieve your desired results in fewer sessions, accommodating the fast-paced nature of modern life.

5. Safety First: At Fabu-Health Aesthetics, the well-being of our clients is paramount. IPL and SHR technologies prioritize safety, minimizing the risk of adverse effects and ensuring a secure, comfortable experience.

6. Lasting Results: Enjoy the benefits of smoother, hair-free skin for an extended period, as IPL and SHR treatments disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to a reduction in hair regrowth.

Embark on your skincare journey with us, where the synergy of technology and expertise delivers not just results, but a revitalized and confident you. At Fabu-Health Aesthetics, your satisfaction and safety are our guiding principles.

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