LED Phototherapy Mask Facial


LED Phototherapy Mask Facial is painless, affordable and suitable for all skin types.

The LED lights offer a gentle treatment with no side effects. Our LED Facials offer a choice between Seven different wavelengths of light including: white, yellow, green, cyanine, purple, red and blue. These light diodes are utilised to promote positive benefits for the skin.

Benefits of the different lights 

  • Blue light: reduces the inflammation of acne, dispels acne sores, repairs scars and lightens pigmentation.


  • Green light: promotes moisture balance and stability of the skin, reduces excessive oil secretion. Relieves swelling and aids in draining of lymph glands.


  • Yellow light: improves oxygen to cells, reduces wrinkles, and diminishes rough skin and redness.


  • Purple light: combining red & blue light to aid in the treatment of acne and scars.


  • Cyanine light: enhances healthy cell production for brighter looking skin.


  • White light: accelerates metabolism of tissues to improve fine lines and loose skin


  • Red light: clinically proven to promote collagen production, reduce inflammation and lessen redness and irritation. A session under the red light helps to rejuvenate the skin and leave you looking fresher.


LED light therapy can be used at any stage of your pregnancy and is a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment with no down time.

This treatment can be added to chemical peels and micro-needling for enhanced and better results.