About us

Fabu-Health offers clients a comprehensive solution to skin health, wellness and beauty. With emphasis on clinical skincare and holistic beauty, we are dedicated to helping our clients reveal healthy, youthful and glowing skin, while improving their health and overall wellness.

We keep up to date with industry trends to ensure that all treatments offered are medically safe and appropriate even during pregnancy. Our variety of minimally invasive, results-driven treatments are suitable for treating a variety of skin and body concerns.

Every person's is different, so we recommend that you meet with our therapists for an in-depth consultation to map out your customised skin care and wellness needs.

Welcome to Fabu-Health

We offer best in class skin treatments from massages, facials, waxing, permanent hair removal, Lamelle and Mesoestetic chemical peels, Dermapen micro-needling, LED Dermalux Facials to Oxygen facials. 

Here' s a quote that sums up our approach: We have a Motto that we live by, our mantra, our reason for being and doing.

We are different, we are unique, we are special.

We are genuine, we are authentic, we are honest.

We are specialists , we are skilled, we are efficient.

We are thriving, we are profitable, we are happy.

We are wow, we are polished, we are prepared.




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