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Correctives Vita C 30 30ml 

Correctives Vita C 30 30ml 

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This potent product is designed for consumers that have used the Correctives Recharge CE and are wanting improved results. Correctives Vita C 30 is also excellent for persons who are exposed to more potential free radical damage. These would be smokers, road runners and persons spending extended time outdoors regularly.

Both these products are formulated in a stabilised, anhydrous base to keep the ascorbic acid stable and safe. This means we can ensure high concentrations of ascorbic acid that do not loose potency over time in the tube before being applied to your skin.

Main ingredients

30% Ascorbic Acid

1% Alpha Tocopherol 

Special precautions

  • Correctives Vita C 30 might tingle a little more than Corrective Recharge CE on application – the tingle, however, dissipates quickly.
  • Do not use for 3–5 days after resurfacing treatments
  • Complete the use of at least one tube of Correctives Recharge CE to assess your skins tolerability to ascorbic acid before using Correctives Vita C 30.
  • Do not use products containing ascorbic acid and retinoic acid in the same application. (Use ascorbic acid in the morning and retinoid in the evening)
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