Nutri-Recharge IV Drip

Nutri-Recharge IV Drip

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Recharge IV therapy increases dopamine  levels in the body, which is directly associated with increased energy. As fatigue is always associated with low energy, IV therapy can help counter these effects. Regularly taking Recharge IV therapy treatments can help you combat fatigue and help you live an energy-filled life.

Better Brain Function

Fatigue often causes slowed cognitive function with individuals feeling like their minds are hazy or cloudy. IV therapy improves your cognitive function to help you feel sharper, more alert, and better equipped to undertake the demands of work or school.

More Muscle Endurance

Muscle fatigue is another hallmark of fatigue. An inability to sustain activities for long, such as working out at the gym, can severely hamper your ability to reach your goals. IV therapy, often taken by athletes to improve endurance, can help make more energy available to your muscle cells, giving you more strength to reach your goals.

Faster Reflexes

Reflexes are controlled by nerve impulses from the brain to muscles and joints. In fatigue, nerve cells suffer from reduced capacity, making reflexes slow and lethargic. IV therapy can improve this because Thiamine and other nutrients in the IV cocktail are directly linked to improved nerve health.

Heightened Mood and Vitality

Fatigue causes mood swings, depression, anxiety, and a lack of motivation to do anything. Manganese, when administered via IV therapy, goes straight into the bloodstream, helping cells operate at optimal levels. This overall increase in energy and vitality helps clear the mind to offer a clearer perspective of life.

Active Ingredients:

  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Chrome
  • Thiamine
  • B12
  • B6